Our Roots

Our Roots run deep in the hemp industry. We started Enlightened Organics to help others. Our founder was run over by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle in 2001. The accident almost took his life. He was emergency airlifted to the nearest trauma center where surgeons worked to stabilize him. From the accident he suffered a cracked skull, broken and dislocated clavicle, a huge gash in his side, and a mangled leg which almost was amputated. Thankfully Doctors were able to save his leg, but the pain was so incredible that at times he’d wish they didn’t. After months in the hospital, 20 reconstructive surgeries, extensive physical therapy, he made a full recovery. Chronic pain, inflammation and a slew of other conditions became a part of his everyday life. When the pharmaceuticals were no longer helping, he turned to medical cannabis for answers.

Back then the industry was quite different. For the most part, medical cannabis had a stigma around it and law enforcement really didn’t care if you were medical or not. Dispensaries were few and far in between, options were limited and poor at best. Shortly after getting his medical card, he started realizing the medical cannabis was making him sick. He soon learned that it wasn’t the cannabis, it was all the chemicals used to grow it and pesticides used to keep the bugs away. They say ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself!’. So he took matters into his own hands and started growing his own medical cannabis all organically. It wasn’t long before he became good at it and started doing it professionally.

Seeing how tainted the medical cannabis industry was becoming, he decided to do his part to help. He started an organic fertilizer company providing sustainable solutions and professional consulting for large scale hemp and cannabis farms. Specializing in regenerative, veganic, probiotic, NoTill practices. They basically hemp farmers produce high-quality products organically and sustainably.  

After becoming more familiar with the hemp plant, he started to see the potential. Many of his friends and family had similar conditions, they wanted pain relief but didn’t want the ‘high’. Hemp was the perfect solution. Hemp has all of the same benefits of cannabis but won’t get you high or make you feel weird. Best of all, no special license is needed, you can buy hemp over the counter. It’s legal to ship, has a ton of uses and is sustainable.

Knowing all of the poor practices in the cannabis industry, he wanted to make a product that stood out from the rest. One that was made with high quality, organic materials and didn’t contain any contaminants or chemicals. He eventually got together with a couple of other industry professionals and started Enlightened Organics.

Enlightened Organics, is focused on bringing you the highest quality products without any of the BS. We start off with the highest quality, organically grown hemp flowers. We don’t use any chemicals in our extraction process or products, and never will. To us, this is a blessing and we only want to share the best products with you. Everything we do is made with love and good vibes. Hope you feel the difference.

Thanks for your support!